Free Patterns

Thank you for visiting my free patterns page!! Many of the patterns created below were created for the Bead-It-Forward quilt project.  If you like these, check out my Amybeads Patterns store on Etsy, where you can find lots of fun patterns for bracelets and/or wall hangings!

Free peyote pattern beach scene

Free peyote pattern mermaid

Free peyote pattern flower

Free peyote pattern

Free peyote pattern bouquet of flowers

Free peyote pattern cherry blossom

Free peyote pattern quail

Free peyote pattern bird cassowary


  1. Thank you, Amy! Love these. The Angry Birds are so cute, too.
    Jane - Bead and Button Magazine

  2. Thanks for the lovely Bead-It Forward bird patterns. I beaded the eagle, and hope to make some of the other pattens if time permits.
    Perre Thoma

  3. Thanks so much for the great FREE patterns. LOVE the zebra type striped one and the heart one....

  4. me encantan gracias los habia buscado mucho

  5. Amy--what is the two drop stitch---is it even count peyote...


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